Getting started with Maven, GXT 3 and GWT 2.5

A thorough guide covering the step by step creation of a Maven GXT project.
August 13, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Getting started with Camel, Spring and Maven

Getting up and running with Camel is not so hard, once you know…
August 8, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Getting started with Spring, RabbitMQ and Maven on MacOS

So, you want to get started with RabbitMQ in a Maven project…
August 6, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Retrieving Clob Data From Oracle Stored Procedures using Spring

Whenever you've got a Function or Stored Procedure in Oracle…
July 25, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Calling Oracle Functions using the Spring Framework

Consider you have a function like this:

function get_content_value…
July 23, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Debugging Tomcat SEVERE: Error filterStart or listenerStart

Today, we spent quite some time debugging our Grails application…
May 21, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Using GitHub behind a proxy

At my customer, we are using a proxy server, and sometimes it's…
April 20, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Grails in the Cloud – NLGUG meetup

At Tuesday, May the 8th, The NLGUG is organising a new meetup…
April 19, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Printing output in Grails 2.0 ant scripts

When developing plugins, in my case the Grails Fitnesse plugin,…
April 16, 2012/by Erik Pragt

Testing Command Objects in Grails 2.0

In Grails 2.0, you need to use mockCommandObject to test command…
April 12, 2012/by Erik Pragt

This week in Discobot (45.2011)

Another night of coding, another update on the Discobot project!…
November 11, 2011/by Erik Pragt