Converting Markdown to AsciiDoc

AsciiDoc is a fantastic format when writing blogs, books, general documentation or many other usecases. However, you’ve invested a lot of time in writing Markdown documentation, and while you understand the benefits of AsciiDoc, you’re not looking forward to rewrite all your documentation to AsciiDoc. We understand that. So, in order to automate this process, we have created a Markdown to AsciiDoc converter.

The converter was actually created as part of the IntelliJ AsciiDoc plugin, to allow conversion of Markdown documents into AsciiDoc at the press of a button. And it works great. It works actually so great that we’ve used it to convert all the documentation of Geb, a fantastic framework for browser automation, from Markdown to AsciiDoc. The conversion process took less than a second, and manually checking resulted in a couple of minor issues, all of which have been fixed in the converter.

In short, there’s really not much of a reason to stick to Markdown. AsciiDoc provides superior syntax, table support, EPub and PDF support and handles multipages extremely well. So, if you are interested, checkout the documentation and get started right away!