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Friday Repost: Easy file uploading in Grails

The Friday Repost series are copies from my earlier writings. Since I don’t want to loose them, and they might prove useful to others, I’m reposting them on this blog. If you want to upload files with Grails, there are multiple ways of doing so. However, there’s at least one way which makes it really […]

Groovy MetaClass Magic in Unit Tests

As you may or may not know, Groovy has the concept of MetaClasses. MetaClasses enable you to add or change methods at runtime. This is especially handy when doing some mocking during a unit test (or, in our case, GrailsUnitTestCases). By mocking methods, you can mock out certain dependencies or behavior which you might not […]

Live Blog: Groovy Android programming

This blogpost will keep track of our current progress on our effort to make Groovy run on Android phones. Instead of creating a summary like in the previous ‘This Week in Discobot’ posts, we will update this blogpost every half an hour! Erik (20:36): after a nice dinner, we make a small plan for the […]

Testing reusable validation

In the application we are developing, a lot of input validation takes place. Most of the input is validated using Command Objects, which are a breeze to use thanks to Grails’ fantastic way of integrating them. However, in some of our Command Objects, there’s some overlap, most notably in the validation part. For example, we […]

This (two)week(s) in Discobot (27-28.2011)

We continued our work on getting Groovy working on Android over the past two weeks. Erik has made quite a good progress with the tests suite for Discobot. What he has achieived by now now is a slightly modified original Groovy test suite running against the compiled but not packaged (jared) code of our patched […]

This week in Discobot (26.2011)

Currently, we (Erik Pragt and Marcin Erdmann) are working on getting Groovy to run on Android and make the process as smooth as possible for other developers. On this blog regular updates will be posted to inform you about the progress we made, the problems we ran into and how we solved them. This is […]